Sonia (Darwin NT) 

"Thanks Gary. We love it so much. You were such a professional through the process. Highly recommend for anyone to work with Gary Whozart Portraits for their own amazing portrait!"

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Jenni (Gold Coast QLD)  "

I love the birds Gary at Whozart Portraits paints in pastels. He is so talented and I feel privileged to own his work. He is thoroughly committed to making sure his customers are happy with the finished product".

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Ross (Adelaide SA)

"Gary has done a magnificent job replicating my photo ....he is truly a great artist. And to think he was unknown to me several weeks ago. Thank you Bird Photography Australia for allowing Gary to show members here his talents. 


Murdo & Michelle (NNSW)

"Hi Gary. Thank you so much for the portrait of Taggart. It is amazing. The detail in it is incredible. We have many photos of him but none have captured him like you have. We feel as if we sent you a photo and you’ve sent us back our dearest companion".

Beth (Indiana, USA)

"Totally amazing. U r very gifted. So appreciate Gary. Wish I could hug u in person,